Sentence Fragment, Consider Revising is the first album I am making under the name benjamindrury. The songs from the album were all written in between 2013 and 2014. After performing various versions of the album live throughout 2015 I took a break from the project to focus on composition. Towards the end of the 2016 I rediscovered the album, I decided to mix what was there and release the album at the beginning of 2017. The album is built around ideas of distinctions between noise and music, the use of samples and glitch art concepts. As the album was being assembled on a computer it was important for the audience to know that what they were listening to was created digitally, thus an embrace of technological error.

Sentence fragment cover blur version 1.png

The live performances of this album were always abstractions of ideas about sampling, resampling and glitch. I was being asked to perform live but did not have a performance practice that I could apply to the music I was making. It was important to me, coming from an improvisation background, the performance changed every time, so in order to perform these songs I made new arrangements that involved manipulating samples from the songs in real time, inventing transitions and inserting elements of other performance practices. This will culminate in the release of the album, which will feature 4 people all live manipulating different samples from the album at the same time.