Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonal Vents

Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonal Vents was an event conceived of for You Are Here in 2016. Four this piece four cars were parked in the tunnel underneath Rubual Lane. The cars each played individual parts to a series of pieces by local composers.

The pieces were written by:

Benjamin Drury: Finite part 1

Ben Harb: Gibran

Chloe Hobbs: Just One Sentence

Reuben Ingall: Hills

Charles Martin: Disconnected Disco

Benjamin Drury: Finite part 2

Here is a phone recording from the event featuring Finite part 2. The audio is very rough but perhaps when paired with the pictures gives a sense of the event.

Here is some media about the event:




This event took place on the land of Ngunnawal people

Photos by Adam Thomas and Matthew Gambrill

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