“Drury has lovingly collected the sounds of a scene in flux. The real irony is that the beats really are tight and clever. This record isn’t just worthwhile. It’s an important statement about how the process is just as vital as the finished product.”

Hayden Fritzlaff for BMA Magazine

Benjamin Drury is a composer, sound artist, improviser and beat maker, who lives in Canberra, Australia. Their practise encompasses experimental, popular and classical music, drawing inspiration from a wide and varied collection of sources. They completed a Bachelor of Music from the ANU School of Music in 2017. During their time at ANU they were awarded the Harold Wesley Allen Memorial prize (2016, 2017) the ANZCA Composition prize (2016, 2017) and the Dennis Griffin Piano Undergraduate Scholarship (2017).

As a composer they are fascinated by all facets of sound and audio culture. Their work explores the presentation and reception of sound as well as exploring sound itself. They are interested in challenging traditional performance models and creating new ways of presenting music. In the past they have done this through interactive installations like Modified Furniture (2017) and site-specific performances like Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonnal Vents (2016). Sonically their practise explores acoustics, noise and form, seeking ways to subvert the expectations of both art and pop music audiences.

They have had works performed by Claire Edwards (CSO Solo Series, 2019, and the Canberra International Music Festival, 2018,), Rohan Dasika (Canberra International Music Festival, 2017,) and Ensemble Offspring (Australian National University, 2016). They had a work read by Eighth Blackbird (2017) for a public workshop with Musica Viva. They have performed and had works featured in a variety of festivals including: Canberra International Music Festival (2017, 2018) SoundOut (2016, 2017, 2018) You Are Here (2015, 2016, 2017) Art Not Apart (2016) Tilde~ (2017).

They also play bass in the band Helena Pop, improvises with Bomber Ensemble, and creates experimental pop music under thier own name. Their debut album, Sentence Fragment: Consider Revising, a collection of deconstructed hip-hop beats was released in 2017.

They are also interested in gardening, fashion and nature.

“With a thriftshop taste for Pierre Schaeffer and Kanye West, Drury (surrounded by laptops, pedals, and lamps) played two songs, both good. Focusing, dimming, then disappearing into the stage smoke and Woody Guthrie samples.”

Cary Longman for BMA Magazine